Introducing "Reachy", the new Driven by BALYO Reach Truck

Storage and retrieval of pallets from high racks remain a crucial yet time-consuming process in logistics supply chain.

But, what if you could not only automate these processes safely and efficiently, but also seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructures? 

This is "Reachy", the new Driven by BALYO Reach Truck.

Chariot rouge - extra light


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Simpler, Safer and more efficient

Upgrading our already successful and globally accepted fleet of Gen 1 Reach Trucks, "Reachy" adds on new design, improved features and performance to handle your load movements.

Got 90 seconds? Check out the product video below.

What's new with "Reachy" ?


3D Perception

  • Drastically increases the accuracy of pick/drop
  • 20-30 times more data than 2D, thus offering a higher pick/drop flexibility
  • All your pallet types can be handled



Handle pallet movements in an aisle of just 2.9m!

  • Space and cost savings 
  • Configuration adaptable to your needs
  • Work with gravity conveyors, gravity and shuttle rack
Load Movement Manoeuvres

Perform Task Efficiently

  • Load movement manoeuvres are faster up to 55%*, saving you additional time
  • Multiple energy options : choose either a standard lead acid battery or TPPL opportunity/fast charging system

* Load manoeuvre times are calculated under a preset condition (x meters in pick/drop) and vary as per application
Safety & Detection Features

Safety & Detection Features

  • Anti drag & push monitoring : 2 telemeters measure the distance between load and backrest during pick/drop,  reducing the risk of accidents
  • Load overhang detection : 2 telemeters continously verifies that load remains within the allocated space, helping to monitor load size and position

Additional USPs

Lower 3D camera

  • Analyses the environment, finds the best location to drop a pallet and confirms the spot is empty before the operation

360° Smart Safety

  • "Reachy" is equipped with both front and rear safety lasers that are PL-d level, offering highest safety

2D barcode reader

  • The reader takes a picture of the barcode stuck on the load and triggers actions. Custom actions and error management ensures product traceability for clients

Why Balyo?

Local and Global Support

Any truck with Driven by BALYO technology is a fully integrated product in full partnership with the OEM and fully supported by  the dealership network with local tech support and spare parts.

No Infrastructure

Driven by BALYO robots require no additional infrastructure. BALYO technology allows robots to navigate and drive within an existing facility without any considerations outside of safety

Dual Mode

BALYO robotic solutions is a standard truck that has been built to be autonomous .  Any operator (if the client allows for it) can take control of the robotic lift truck for any  purpose